Fort Worth Stock Yards

In the summer of 2013, I spent two months in Texas. Yes, summer in Texas. It is pretty much one of the most uncomfortable things, but I survived! During my time there, I visited a few different major cities, including the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you are a tourist, the Fort Worth Stock Yards are definitely a must!
The Stock Yards are pretty much filled with stereotypical Texas type things, like western wear, some saloons, steakhouses, and of course, lots and lots of cowboy boots. A kind lady helped me find these gems, and boy, I was smitten. All except for the price tag. You’d be surprised at how much boots are, or at least I was. These ones are probably the most inexpensive pair that I saw (at $350), but we saw some with price tags as high as $2,500. Can you believe it?! So, no boots for me. Yet…
DSC_0561 copy-sm.jpg
Even though it was unquestionably hot, I really enjoyed the Stock Yards and am glad to have gotten a taste of Texas culture! I haven’t been to Texas since that summer, but I would really like to visit again sometime soon!


*all photos by Jess unless otherwise noted


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