Road Tripping with Dogs

img_4071You may or may not know this about me, but dogs are pretty much my favorite beings on this planet and I am lucky to have a furry friend of my own named Marly. Just like his mama, he loves adventure too and I try to take him with me wherever I can. I’ve taken him on a plane before, though most of our traveling together is done by car. Some dogs don’t do very well on long car rides, but my pup is a great on road trips!

Here are some tips for taking your pup along with you on a long car ride:
+ Keep a water bowl in the car and offer water to them when you stop for gas
+ Bring a bed or blanket for them and make them their own spot that they can feel comfortable in
+ Take them out for a potty break when you stop for gas
+ If your dog is nervous about car rides, putting them in a crate with their bed or letting them sit on your lap or by your feet (if they are small enough!) may make them feel more secure


*all photos by Jess unless otherwise noted


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