Welcome to my blog!

edit-8017Hey there! I’m Jess and welcome to my blog all about travel and adventure. Here I will be sharing stories of my past travels, dreams for future trips, and tips to help you along your adventures. This is the first post, so why don’t we take a moment to get to know each other, shall we?IMG_2927.JPGI currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have lived in California all of my life. I am a college student studying graphic design and have a passion for photography, writing, and finding adventures big and small. Since I am currently a college student on a small budget, I am always looking for ways to have adventures close to home or plan trips that won’t break the bank. I love shopping for books, finding perfect coffee shops, petting every dog I see, and binge watching my favorite shows. I have a lovely boyfriend of 5 years, Dai, and the best dog, Marly.IMG_4270.JPGHere is a list of places I’ve gone to outside of California…
New York City, NY
Grand Canyon, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
Albuquerque, NM
Seattle, WA
Chicago, IL
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
Oahu, Hawaii

In California…
San Diego
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Napa Valley Wine Country
Santa Barbara
Big Bear
Lake Tahoe
Mammoth Mountain

There are many more places I would love to include on this list and I will definitely be writing about those at some point! Thanks for reading and I am excited to see where this new blog takes me!

xoxo Jess

* all photos by Jess unless otherwise noted