The 9/11 Memorial + The Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most memorable things I did on my first trip to New York was visit the 9/11 Memorial. I think we all can remember where we were on the day of that terrible tragedy and to be at the site of it was indescribable.
This is something every person, especially every American, should see. I didn’t really know how to react to it, but I can say this: it was breathtaking. The monument is beautiful, yes it is, but what impacted me more was the history and meaning of it all.
This was definitely the coldest day of our trip. My toes and fingers were numb and I had to really persuade myself to keep walking. I wrapped my circle scarf around my neck and head and covered my mouth to keep the heat in. It was quite miserable, frankly, but I was in New York so I wasn’t going to let even that ruin my exploring.
We continued the freezing evening with a subway ride to Brooklyn for pizza at Juiliana’s Pizza, a spot that a favorite blogger of mine has talked about (unfortunately her blog no longer exists).
We ordered a Margherita and a No. 3. I definitely recommend this cozy little spot that makes me feel like I’m eating at home. Or down the street from my Brooklyn apartment in my other life.
After we were warmed up from the yummy pizza, we braved the cold again to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at night, because I have heard it is the thing to do and I wasn’t going to let 25 degree weather stop me.
And there I am, with my guy, on a freezing bridge. Though you can’t even make out our faces, I rather like this little portrait of us taken by Dai’s friend, Maya.

*all photos by Jess unless otherwise noted


Things You Should Eat in Hawaii

We all know that one of the best parts of traveling is eating all kinds of food! I have been dreaming of the things I ate in Hawaii ever since I got back, so I thought I would share them with you all!

+ Acai bowls
Acai bowls are hands down my most favorite thing that I ate in Hawaii. They are just so good. They are simple, yet delicious and not to mention, beautiful! I tried acai bowls at several places  during our trip, but Haleiwa Bowls is the best one in my opinion! I’ve been trying to recreate acai bowls at home, but it just isn’t the same as being in Hawaii.

+ Scones from Diamond Head Market
I know this seems like an odd thing to recommend in Hawaii of all places, but I promise you, these scones are like heaven. You know how scones can be dry and gross sometimes? Well, these are the complete opposite. They are so moist and almost cake like. We had to stop on our way to the airport to get a couple more for our flight because they were just that good.
IMG_3581.JPG+ Malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery
These are like little donut pillows filled with flavored custard, and let me tell you, they are amazing. Get some and you won’t regret it! Also, eat them while they’re still hot.IMG_2983.JPG+ Loco Moco
I had a dish called loco coco for the first time when I visited Hawaii. This dish is essentially rice with a hamburger patty, egg, and a gravy on top. I had it at a couple places, but the one from Heavenly in Waikiki was definitely my favorite!

+ Poke
 I am not really a fan of poke, but I know this is definitely something Hawaii is known for! My boyfriend enjoyed some during our trip. Maybe next time I will give it a try too!
+ Shave Ice
This is another Hawaiian staple! I had some the first day we got there…and then about three other times too! Shave ice is just so nice and refreshing on a hot day.IMG_3887.JPG
+ Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck
We had heard about this shrimp truck on the North Shore and knew we had to give it a try! I am not really into seafood much, but this garlic shrimp we had was really yummy. It is a pretty long wait, though, so beware!IMG_3757.JPGIMG_3585.JPGIMG_3189.JPGOther places to visit:

All I can say is… Take me back!


* all photos by Jess unless otherwise noted