Central Park & The Met

It is fall, but it doesn’t really feel like fall yet here in California.¬†When it gets to be this time of year, I usually dream of the east coast, where there is a more noticeable change of seasons. In my mind, there is no better place than New York City in the fall. I am getting nostalgic for our trip there 3 years ago, so I thought I would share a bit about a day we spent there!

On this particular day, we wandered around Central Park and visited the Metropolitan Museum. I remember my boyfriend, Dai, acting a bit secretive and insisting that we had to arrive at Central Park at a certain time, but then as we were walking, he stopped at a restaurant and I was told to wait outside. Kind of unusual, but I took photos of the neighborhood we were in at the time while I waited patiently for him.centralpark7.jpgWhen he walked out, he had a bag and led me to the park, where we took our time wandering around until we came to a nice rock fit for sitting near the lake. And then, of course, he pulled this little picnic out of the bag and we had a lovely time sitting there, freezing, and eating our picnic. It was really so sweet and thoughtful of him to plan something like that for us.centralpark3.jpg
We continued to wander around the many different parts of Central Park, and I decided that it would be a good idea to climb up there to sit on Alice’s lap. Which it wasn’t and I nearly slipped and broke my neck.centralpark4.jpgcentralpark2.jpgthemet5.jpg
After we had our fill of the park, we made our way to the Met. I didn’t know much about the Met prior to our visit, but it is beautiful and very interesting. Just sitting on the steps is a nice experience.themet8.jpg
I really loved seeing all the different works of art and exploring the many different sections of the museum, but this room in particular was my very favorite. First of all, this section is huge. It is tall with tons of open space, and for whatever reason, I felt the need to skip along and do my “happy dance,” as Dai and I have come to call it, which apparently is very entertaining. There may or may not be photos, but I will spare you.themet11.jpg
This photo in particular makes me feel like I am in a “real” museum. You know, antique and royal looking. Definitely not like the museums I have been to in CA!themet9.jpg
These photos really make me want to pack a suitcase and head to the airport! I fell in love with New York while we were there and I can’t wait to go back sometime soon, especially in the fall.


* all photos by Jess unless otherwise noted