5 Things to do in New York City

empirestate9.jpgNew York is such a vibrant, enchanting place. I have visited it on one occasion and it provided me with some of my favorite travel memories to date! I’ve written about my adventures in New York here a few times, but I thought I would share a post of various things to do in this city like I have done with several others.copy-0590-sm.jpg+ Chelsea Market
Chelsea Market is a great place to walk around and get different local foods and items from artisan shops. It is nice to spend an afternoon wandering around here!copy-0695-sm.jpg+ Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
It isn’t too long of a walk, but it is such a nice feeling to walk from Brooklyn into the lights of Manhattan and it is a lovely way to take in the skyline.Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 10.05.52 AM.png
+ Get cheap broadway tickets at TKTS and go to a show
If you go to Times Square in the afternoon and wait in line, you can get majorly discounted tickets to many different shows playing that evening. If you are open to seeing any show, this is a great way  to save some cash and still get to experience NYC broadway.copy-0561-sm.jpg+ Visit Highline Park
This park is definitely best enjoyed in warmer months and is unique because it was built on an old railroad track.copy-0688-sm.jpg+ Eat pizza
This is obvious, isn’t it? We ate pizza pretty much every day of our trip!copy-0670-sm.jpgHave you ever been to New York? What would you recommend doing there? I need to go back again soon!


*all photos by Jess unless otherwise noted